From Sorcerer to Missionary for Jesus

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When he first met Christians, Abasi wasn’t sure what to believe

Abasi grew up in a village overrun with sorcery and witchcraft. A family friend even taught Abasi to be a sorcerer himself.

Abasi first met believers when he started school in another village. They shared the Good News, but Abasi’s past beliefs in sorcery held strong. Eventually he brought the question to the same sorcerer that had taught him years before. To Abasi’s shock, the sorcerer responded: “What they are telling you is very good; don’t argue with them.”

Abasi was confused and began praying for answers. He asked the Christians to teach him about the Word of God, and soon his doubt was replaced with a powerful faith in Jesus Christ. That Sunday he went to Church for the first time to share his new faith with other believers.

In one year, Abasi’s evangelism brought 800 new believers to Christ

Friends and family denounced Abasi for his spiritual transformation. Still his heart grew in faith, and even though there were no other believers in his village, Abasi was content. The converted sorcerer witnessed to the very friends and family that rejected him.

Abasi listened to God’s call to serve his people, traversing the hills and valleys to evangelize. Villagers threatened him with guns and spears, but the Lord always kept Abasi safe.

I am a missionary for Christ,” says Abasi. “He gives me everything that I need.

Thanks to Abasi’s discipleship, almost 800 new believers came to Christ that year and ten Churches were planted. Abasi now pastors his own Church and volunteers to preach in neighboring communities.

Jesus gives Abasi everything he needs

Abasi says, “The Lord has blessed me significantly. He has directed me and empowered me. Throughout my ministry the Lord has given me more than 2,000 lives, new believers who are all in the Lord.”

This is what makes me work hard and run fast. I go out at night and visit the rural farmers because during the day I am working on my farm. There is nothing that I carry as a weapon because I believe in this Word. The Lord has continued to protect me. He is my Shepherd, my supporter.

I serve day and night. I am not tired. I work for the kingdom of God and the Lord continues to bless me. My wife and I have six children. My father and my mother who are weak and old in age live with us so together there are ten of us. I send my children to school and this is what God has done in my life. I am a missionary for Christ. He gives me everything that I need.

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