From drug addict to loving father

BLC drug addict loving father PS

When Katya’s father started selling everything they owned, no one knew where all the money was going. Soon the family didn’t have enough money for food. Katya’s mother was angry, fearful, and helpless to stop her husband. Finally the truth came out that Katya’s father was secretly addicted to drugs.

The broken family turned to a Christian rehabilitation centre for help. Katya’s father learned about Jesus and even brought his family to Church a few times, but soon slipped back into his old selfish ways. Katya longed to get her loving father back, but this dream felt farther and farther away each day.

The Good News brought Katya’s family back together

That summer, a friend told Katya about the fun games and crafts at a nearby children’s Bible club. Katya and her sister played and listened to Bible stories while the pastor witnessed to their struggling father. He soon accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour and was baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for summer camp,” exclaims Katya, “This feast continues for us even today.”

Today, the family attends Church every week and the sisters pray for their parents’ continued love and unity.

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