First Impressions of India

India Vision Trip group photo

Over the weekend, two members of our Bible League Canada team travelled with a small group of donors* to India.  The group arrived in Delhi late Friday after a lengthy flight.  For many, this will be their first time in India and their first chance to see the impact that their generous support of Bible League Canada is having in the lives of people living there.

We asked Ashley, a Bible League Canada staff member, to share her initial impressions of India with us:

“I walked out of the Delhi airport and was initially overwhelmed by all the stimulation- the sights, sounds, and smells completely took me by surprise. ‘It’s India!’ is the expression we were told we’d understand and I am quickly beginning to see what this means. This is a land of extremes. On one side of the street there is wealth and luxury, and on the other side there is extreme poverty- children begging so they can have a meal. Such diversity, and extreme needs, and yet I can’t help but think we’re all humans craving the same thing; our circumstances and culture are so different but the heart longings for love and something more remain constant across the globe. I can’t wait to experience all that India has to offer, to soak up the diversity and be moved by the people and stories and share in the thread that knits us together: God’s love.”

Over the coming days we invite you to continue to journey along with our team as they experience the ministry taking place in India as well as the rich culture.  We will share their experiences at new worshipping groups started by local champions, Children’s Bible Clubs, Adult Literacy classes, and more.

*Donors covered their own travel costs.