Faith Like a Child

Children's Bible Club

On Monday, our group of staff and donors travelling in India got to learn about and attend Children’s Bible Clubs.  It will likely go down as one of the most fun parts of their trip.

In between all the fun they also learned all about the impact that children’s ministry is having on communities. These young people are so receptive to the message of the Gospel and to God’s love.  Even better, they get so excited about the things they are learning at the club that they cannot help but go home and share what they are learning with their families.  Often times, we see entire families being saved as a result of a child joining a Bible club.

Lives are being changed at the clubs as children discover who they are in God’s eyes.  Ashley shared some of her experiences of the day with us.

There is just something about seeing the sparkle in a child’s eye! We arrive on the site of Children’s Ministry in rural Kolkata and were struck by the glow and exuberance of the children. We watched in awe as they sang and danced, shared Bible verses and told stories about how Jesus has changed their lives. I posed the question to all of them, ‘How many of you have accepted Jesus into your hearts?’ Each one threw their hand up in the air and some stood because they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm. Jesus truly loves the children and is at work in this village we visited.

One young boy shared about his brother not being able to hear and speak. Since he has been coming to the Bible club, he has started praying for his brother and God has healed him. He had his brother stand with him and speak as a testament to what God has done. To have ‘faith like a child’, is what the Bible tells us to do, and after being with these children today, I have a desire to have faith like they do!”

In Matthew 18, Jesus calls us to become like children if we are to enter the kingdom Heaven.  These kids in India are a shining example of what He meant by that.  The light and love of Christ is shining through them as was evident for our staff and donors to see.  It can even be a challenge to those travelling to look at their own lives to see if the light of Christ is shining through them in that same way.

That light was so evident when the children sang songs.  The words may not be familiar to us but the tune will likely be one you recognize.