Current Projects:

Children in the barrios of Ecuador often grow up without strong role models or loving homes. Without access to proper education, or to the Word of God, those children are left feeling without hope.

With your help, we want to reach at least 1,000 children. Children’s ministries are a cornerstone of evangelism in the region, as children become vessels of hope to their families and their communities.

Bring change to Ecuador's children today!

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, help us honour the legacy of the Christians who helped form this country by sharing the power of the Gospel with Canadian kids from sea to sea!

Canada has more than 5 million children under the age of 15, many of whom have no Christian upbringing. You can make a difference. Together with our Canadian children’s ministry partners, we’re leading an effort to reach more kids in Canada with the hope of the Gospel and the truths of the Bible.  LEARN MORE...

Share Jesus with Canadian kids today!


Hundreds of kids live in metal huts originally meant to just be temporary shelter. And it's here that a new generation of Armenian children are growing up cold, alone and forgotten by the world.

Local champions are leading children's Bible studies for these kids. As the children leave the metal hut, you can see the hope and excitement in  their eyes. LEARN MORE...

Make a difference for Armenia's children today!