Conflict continues in South Sudan

South Sudan, considered to be the newest country in the world as it gained its independence in 2011, has been the main topic in headlines across the globe this past week. Gunfire, explosions, and conflict has shaken Juba, the capital of South Sudan and also the largest city of the country. Tensions have been high…

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Bible Clubs Influence Young Lives

For many of us, attending Vacation Bible School or other Bible clubs was a large part of our childhood. We would see friends, make crafts, play games, and learn more about God. Stories of Moses fleeing Egypt, Noah building the ark, God providing the Ten Commandments and of course the birth of Jesus Christ, were…

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Finding Strength

Psalm 23 passage

Ethiopia is currently one of the most talked about countries in the world, as they have struggled with extreme drought and are now facing flooding and landslides. Thousands have been displaced, acres of crops have been washed away and livestock are barely surviving. Despite the extreme conditions that Ethiopia has faced it is remaining strong,…

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Drought brings flooding


Ethiopians have been experiencing one of the worst droughts in 50 years, specifically in the Oromia region, due to the toll that El Nino has taken on the land. Livestock are skin and bone, and farmers are suffering as agricultural exports are a major source of income in this country. People have been hoping for…

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Praying for Rain

Ethiopia is a nation that has had a long and tumultuous history, as it is known as one of the oldest nations in the world and has experienced several wars, famines, droughts and political conflicts. With a population of over 99 million people, its citizens rely heavily on agricultural exports, one of the main products…

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Prayer Request: A Pastor in India is persecuted but still pressing on


We have received the following information from our partners in India. Please join us in prayer. Persecuted Pastor in Uttar Pradesh, India Keeps Sights on Christ (as reported by Morning Star News) Hindu extremists have vandalized his shop, threatened to kill him, attacked his wife and daughter, forced him to bow to Hindu idols and…

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A life turned upside down

Olga and family

It is so encouraging to hear the stories of lives being transformed all around the world by the Living Word of God. We recently received a story from Russia of a young lady named Olga. Olga is a 31- year old mother of two. She writes… “My life though short, yet is very bitter. I have gone…

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Reaching Communities in Cambodia

Communities in Cambodia

Our work takes us to countries all over the world as we speak with pastors, church leaders, children, political leaders, and men and women from every social class. We have witnessed extreme poverty, racism, sexism, and religious persecution during our travels, but we have also witnessed rebirth and transformation. Our work in Cambodia is one…

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Joy. For many, joy is a reflection of one’s circumstances. For others, it is a state of being. When we think about what truly gives us joy, many times we focus on how the physical world has impacted our lives, not the spiritual. Joy should not be defined by our understanding of it, especially when…

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