Bringing God’s Promise to a Divided Nation

BLC bringing promise to divided nation (C) PS

The need for God’s Word is greater than ever in South Sudan. The ongoing civil conflict has left a wake of ethnic division; violence, displacement and suffering that can only be healed by God’s love.

Until late 2013, our partnership with Gideons International in Canada made great strides to found Scripture-based education systems in South Sudan. We handed out Bibles and grew powerful children’s ministries until the country became unsafe with the political events of December 15, 2013.

Ethnic violence has divided the people of South Sudan

The 2013 clash ignited when the president and vice president – each representing one of the nation’s largest ethnic groups – turned against each other. The entire country was divided overnight, and the resulting violence continues today.

Ethnic-based violence will take time to be resolved,” says one of our partners in South Sudan. “It is something ingrained in ethnic culture as parents brand the faces of their children to differentiate them from the enemy.

Our Missions Director witnessed great suffering on the border

On December 27, 2013, Bible League Canada’s International Missions Director for Africa traveled to Uganda on the border of South Sudan. He witnessed a growing number of displaced people along the border – many of which were too sick or weak to travel. An alarming number of refugees are still being left to die.

We are currently working with state level regional coordinators, teachers, Church planters, board members and program staff to support the people of South Sudan. In partnership with Christians in the field, we are developing centres that will offer children’s ministry and adult discipleship programs. We share prayers and words of encouragement to strengthen the local people during these dark times.

The people have tenacious faith in the face of suffering

South Sudan’s Christian men and women are meeting their suffering with a steady faith in the Lord. The Church has become a sanctuary for comfort and is a symbol of hope, peace, healing and reconciliation.

“The people in my district will respond in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood,” says one Church leader. “We will continue to give land to settle the refugees; we will share our food, water, health services, and schools. Regardless of ethnicity and country of origin, we are bound in humanity and the love of God.”

Your support can make a difference in South Sudan

The people of South Sudan are seeking the comfort and peace that can only be found in God’s Word, building the foundation for a new and whole country. Your support can help to bring the Good News of Jesus to people who have never heard it. You can help to support us here.