Boldness Brings Hope

Mountains in China

February has been a month of prayer and petition, as we have received multiple reports and prayer requests from our partners and leaders currently working in China. Religious persecution is a prominent issue in countries across the globe, but our attention has frequently turned to China as Christian leaders are jailed, interrogated and assaulted. The following story was shared with us, which sheds light on the current atmosphere in this country.

Brother Meng, was visiting a home church in a small town in China. The church was led by one of the students that attended a Bible study group where brother Meng trains the leaders of several home churches. The new church was already up to 60 members and on the day that Brother Meng visited they were planning to have several of them baptized. Brother Meng was invited to lead the service.

While Brother Meng was leading the service, police came to the apartment where the church was meeting and arrested 10 people, including Brother Meng. After several hours of questioning, six of the believers were released but Brother Meng and three others were taken to prison. The group was fined and put in prison for 10-days.

Stories similar to Brother Meng’s are being reported more and more, but what many fail to realize is that beautiful blessings are coming from the pressures that persecuted Christians are facing;

While in that prison, the men fasted and ministered to the other prisoners. By the time they were released they had already led five other prisoners to Christ. They also took the chance to minister to those who had put them in prison.

Brother Meng showed boldness in Christ and took refuge in His Word, by choosing to minister to others despite the circumstances. With reports of religious persecution, also come reports of salvation as those who are being persecuted are remaining bold in Christ.

Censorship and government regulations have attempted to quell the work that is being done in these countries, but we are still seeing lives be transformed when God’s Word is shared with others.

In 2015, we trained 43,528 people to share the Good News of Jesus in 20 provinces, presented the Gospel to 141,212 people, saw 30,651 people choose to follow Christ and started 455 new churches. Through the support that we receive in 2016, we are hopeful that we will be able to do more.

“On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.”

Psalm 138:3