Stories of Transformation


“I Wanted to Die”

“I used to drown my life in drugs and alcohol.…

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Sold Into Slavery

With an estimated 14 million slaves, India has more slaves…

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My Journey to Jesus

Anna’s journey began at a Christian young adult camp, made…

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God Opened Her Heart

Mealea prayed to spirits and idols, the traditional guides for…

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Trusting In Jesus

Kalil faithfully prayed to the image of his family’s god…

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God Never Lets Go

Simon dreamed of becoming a priest. As a child, Simon…

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Hungry for God

As a teen living in Central America, Henry left his…

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Finding a Refuge

Julie was a baby when her father abandoned the family.…

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The Joy Report is our quarterly publication. Enjoy the powerful and encouraging stories of our local champions around the world who are instrumental in transforming their communities.

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