Stories of Transformation


Literacy Classes Help Deter Horrific Practices

Rajan went numb. He stood in complete disbelief as his…

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True Peace and Joy

Fourteen-year-old Hanna lives in Armenia, where she shares a home…

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The Gospel Touches More Lives

Today, there is great need for the Gospel in Myanmar…

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Spreading the Gospel

Roberto is part of the indigenous Shuar people group and…

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Redeeming the Romani

The Romani people, also known as the Roma people, are…

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A Treasure Beyond Measure

For over thirty years, the Pwo Karen people of Myanmar…

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Literacy Classes Elevate Families

Kaivalya and Sahar, both committed Hindus, lived happily together with…

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Forgotten But Not Lost

There is a long-forgotten village in Bulgaria that was once…

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