Stories of Transformation


New ways to share the Good News

Tens of millions of Christians like Aamir are living in communities…

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Transforming Ethiopian Communities One Bible at a Time

The Amhara region is called home by approximately 17 million…

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Reflection of God

God created us in His image and set before us…

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You are important to Him

Birds have begun to fly south, looking for a place…

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A Future of Change

The Philippines is a beautiful country that is home to…

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My life has completely changed…

Going to the market was torture for 50-year-old Masati. She…

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Bringing Christ into Filipino Schools

At the request of the Filipino Government, we run Bible…

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Confidently Follow Him

I chose you when I planned creation. Ephesians 1:11-12 There…

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Joy Report

The Joy Report is our quarterly publication. Enjoy the powerful and encouraging stories of our local champions around the world who are instrumental in transforming their communities.

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