Stories of Transformation


No Longer Alone

When my father died, I drowned my sorrows in alcohol.…

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Bravely Sharing God’s Love

What if you lived in a country where it was…

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Bryan’s Story

Ever since he became a Christian at the age of…

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God’s Voice to Mankind

Jaha showed no hesitation as she shared her testimony of…

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Braving Dangerous Neighbourhoods

At first her pastor was worried when Anda told him…

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Stay Away from Evangelical Christians

When the mayor in his region sent a letter urging…

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The Light of Truth

“When I was young, I lost my parents and my…

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“I Wanted to Die”

“I used to drown my life in drugs and alcohol.…

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The Joy Report is our quarterly publication. Enjoy the powerful and encouraging stories of our local champions around the world who are instrumental in transforming their communities.

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