Stories of Transformation


Learning about Christ encourages teachers

At Makil Technical School in the Philippines, volunteers are working…

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Learning to share the Gospel

[From Ecuador] Before Maritza Velez began her training to learn…

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Giving it all to Jesus

[From Macedonia] Lidija testifies that true life began for her…

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Bringing Hope to Myanmar

Christianity has been condemned in Myanmar for years, and religious…

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What it means to trust God with all your heart

Trust exercises are designed to help build confidence among colleagues,…

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An entire family turns to Jesus

One of our local champions in Bulgaria, Kosta, shared a…

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Finding a relationship with God

My name is Ivana Georgieva, and I live in Macedonia.…

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Miracle in the Philippines

Healed legs + a healed heart

We received this wonderful story from our partner in the…

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Joy Report

The Joy Report is our quarterly publication. Enjoy the powerful and encouraging stories of our local champions around the world who are instrumental in transforming their communities.

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