Verbal abuse. Threats. Manipulation. Not what you might expect from an 11-year-old boy, but Achal was experienced with all three bad behaviours.

Achal grew up watching his dad come home drunk every day. His father beat the family and yelled horrible things at Achal’s mom and three older sisters. And now, with his screaming and tantrums, Achal was becoming more and more like his dad.

Not wanting Achal to become a bully, Achal’s mom and sisters turned in desperation to their Hindu gods. They performed rituals perfectly, hoping to appease their gods.

They begged the idols to help them. But nothing changed.

One day, Achal was invited to a Children’s bible club organized by a Bible League Canada ministry partner. Achal attended and was the most poorly behaved child at the gathering!

His Club leader responded kindly but firmly. When she visited Achal’s home, she learned about his dad’s abusive treatment of the family. With compassion, the bible club leader spent extra time with Achal. She helped him feel loved, accepted, and comfortable at the club and also taught him how to treat others respectfully.

Under the loving guidance of his bible club leader, Achal’s behavior improved. He was encouraged by the Bible stories and also learned to pray to Jesus.

Today, Achal knows Jesus as his personal Saviour, and he’s completely changed. Achal is polite and disciplined. His mom and sisters are amazed to see the transformation in him!

Achal is growing in Jesus and is praying that his father will be released from his addiction to alcohol. Will you join with Achal in that prayer?