Anita loves Jesus. She also loves being the hands and feet of Jesus by serving the youth in her community, as well as a special support group for parents of children with disabilities. Some time ago, your support provided training for Anita to be a ministry leader in her community, and you continue to equip her with the Bibles she needs to begin Bible study groups. She is confident that the Holy Spirit will lead her, as her ministry grows and she witnesses the Word of God changing people’s lives. The mothers of the kids with special needs have become Anita’s friends, and they often invite her into their homes outside of the support group. Anita appreciates these times to share her life experiences and the love of Christ.

Anita had an idea to expand this ministry of friendship by reaching out to their children: sharing Bible stories, games, and crafts. She shares God’s love with the kids, and sees the light in their eyes when they hear about how much He loves them. The teen group Anita leads had been meeting for several months at her apartment. Bible studies led to talking about things like how to discover and use their gifts to serve God.

Bringing her two passions together, Anita enlisted the teen group to come out and spend time with her kids’ group! Their enthusiasm had many parents asking questions about the God they serve. So, Anita began a Bible Study group for the mothers of the children, including one Muslim woman. Several women from the local church joined as well. Now every week, they meet together as friends, hearing about the love of Christ!

You made a difference in the lives of young believers!