Sayim knows all about being an outcast.

After Sayim’s husband died, her 12-year-old grandson, Narith came to live with her. His parents, Sayim’s son and his wife, left for Thailand for work, leaving Narith behind. They have been gone for four years. They have not been in contact, and have sent no money.

And Narith, also feeling the sting of his parents’ rejection, always seems to be in trouble with his friends.

Sayim didn’t know where to look for help. No one in the village wanted to help a widow whose own children had left her, or her difficult grandson.

One day, while she was outside, she looked up and two strangers were standing there. At first, she was afraid and even picked up a shovel to defend herself. But the visitors greeted her warmly and assured her that they meant no harm.

“They told me they had good news for me, so I invited them into my house,” Sayim says.

One of the men said that they wanted to tell her about Jesus. This was not the news she was expecting, but Sayim felt compelled to listen. Then they shared the Good News from God’s Word, and Sayim felt her heart opening up. She was eager to hear more.

“As we sat together, they explained to me that God cares! God listens! God sent His Son to die for me!”

When they invited her to ask Jesus into her heart, she did so with great joy!

The Bible they gave her is cherished.

“Now, my life is at peace,” Sayim says. “And Narith is like a new person because he is following Jesus too. He even stopped hanging out with his bad friends.”

Sayim adds, “I am still an outcast. People in my village look down on me for believing in Jesus, but I pray that they will know Jesus too. I show kindness to them. I tell them about Jesus, even if they cannot see the truth yet.

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