Bisaj was a slow learner. His anxious parents feared for their oldest son’s future. Daily, his halting speech reminded Nobo and Prema of his challenges. They just wanted Bisaj to lead a normal life.

In desperation, they petitioned their gods, regularly performing rituals, hoping that Bisaj would be able to learn more easily and speak fluently. But the 13-year-old only grew worse.

Labelled “slow one” by his classmates because of his inability to concentrate, Bisaj withdrew into himself. He neglected his personal hygiene and had few friends.

Then a local champion started a Children’s Bible Club next door to the family’s small grocery shop. Bisaj was attracted by the joyful singing. He watched the children playing games and doing fun activities. Seeing that he was interested, a friend invited him to come.

That first day, Bisaj was touched when one of the leaders told the children that they were the apple of God’s eye. He mattered to someone just the way he was.

Bisaj began to attend the club regularly. He took part in the lively action songs and memorized some Scripture.

His parents were astounded that he could remember the words and movements. Something was happening to their son.

But when Nobo found out that the club was Bible-based he was very angry and forbade Bisaj from going. He wanted nothing to do with Christianity!

Cautiously, the Bible Club leader met with Nobo and told him about the progress he had seen in Bisaj. The leader also carefully explained the gospel to Nobo. His heart softened and he allowed his son to rejoin the program.

The Club leader and other children were happy to welcome Bisaj back. Through their love and kind attention, Bisaj has overcome many of his difficulties. Instead of shyly sitting to the side, he feels comfortable expressing his feelings and interacting with the others. He is also learning to wash and care for his body.

With hope and confidence in God’s love for him, Bisaj has made many new friends and his grades have significantly improved. He delights in asking Jesus for many things in prayer.

Amazed by Bisaj’s continued progress, Nobo has visited with the Bible Club leader several times to learn more about this Jesus who is transforming his son.

So far, Prema has kept her distance. She fears that her community will reject her if she believes in Jesus