At age 23, Gor seemed to have it all. The young man in Armenia loved the respect he’d earned in his city’s criminal underworld. On any given day, you could find him at luxurious parties or drinking at a raucous bar. He loved his life, or so it seemed.

Then he met a Christian named Petros. “We became friends,” says Petros. “He told me that he felt overpowered by the emptiness of his life. He realized that since he was drunk all the time, he didn’t know how his life was passing. So he made the decision to run away from that life.”

Before Gor left the city, Petros invited him to church. “He was very interested in the Gospel after his first visit,” says Petros, who then invited him to a Bible study class. It was here that Gor came into relationship with Christ.

“We had many conversations about the Gospel and his progress with his Bible studies. He told me the Ten Commandments struck him the most and that he didn’t realize that he had been living in so much sin. He said he wanted to go back home and tell his parents about this.”

“I was very sad to see him leave, but I also knew that he had to return to his family,” says Petros.

As soon as Gor got home, he told his parents about the change in his life. His parents didn’t take the news of his conversion well. They thought that he had joined a cult. His family, friends and community attacked him for his faith and tried to make him give it up. Even Petros came under attack, because Gor’s family blamed him for Gor’s newfound faith.

But that didn’t stop the two men. They encouraged each other and prayed for each other in the face of persecution. Four years later, Gor decided to get baptized. “He now has a wonderful testimony of his faith,” says Petros.

“I am very thankful to have the chance to help Gor in his journey with God,” exclaims Petros. “I am also grateful for the literature that Bible League Canada provided which gives us a chance to help people like Gor and many others.”