South Sudan and its people are in crisis. Over the past few years, the number of refugees fleeing the war-torn cities of South Sudan have peaked to several million.

Grace is one of those refugees.

She and her six children now live in a refugee camp in Uganda. “What I really need the most is resettlement,” Grace told us, “because here we are suffering and there is no help.”

Whenever Grace thinks about her home country, she remembers all of the family members who died due to the spreading violence. “South Sudan is in bad situation,” she says, “and here we are suffering. We don’t even have the money to pay the school fees for our children. There is no help that is coming from South Sudan to us.”

Grace’s children and the other children of South Sudan are paying the price. More than 800 schools have been bombed and more than half of the children in South Sudan now have no education. This is the highest rate in the entire world.

Your support is making it possible for ministry to continue to reach the people of South Sudan even in refugee camps. Grace and her children were able to receive a Bible of their own helping them to learn about peace and reconciliation from God’s Word.