How much are we worth? Where do we find our value? These are questions that many of us ask as we wrestle with other people’s judgements and compare ourselves with the expectations and beliefs of society. It can be easy to question our value based on our clothing, income, personal appearance, skills and talents, but God says that we do not have to question our personal worth at all!

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”
Genesis 1:27

As children of God we are all valued and loved equally, just as much as Jesus was valued and loved. Why then do we tend to forget our full value and worth? It is so easy to replace our worth with the things of this world, but by doing so we forget how valuable God says we are.

Take a moment and look at the nature that surrounds you. God crafted every living thing. He provides them with the materials to make a shelter, with food to eat and with an environment that they can thrive in. Just as He cares for the birds, He cares for us. As Matthew 6:26 declares, are we not more valuable than the birds!

When we recognize our value, we are agreeing with how God sees us as He made each and every one of us in His incredible image. In turn, when we question our value, we question the value of God. Despite our sin and our struggle to be a light on this earth, we need to know that there is nothing that we can do that will decrease our value, as we are all wonderfully made.

To know your value, is to know Christ. Get to know your Heavenly Father and see just how much you are loved.