Kalil faithfully prayed to the image of his family’s god morning and night for his whole life. He knew nothing different.

But Jesus knew that this would not be 13-year-old Kalil’s story forever.

Through your support, a Children’s Bible Club started in his village, and local officials encouraged parents to enrol their children since it provided positive guidance for young boys and girls.

Kalil was excited to join!

At Bible Club, the leader shared stories of Jesus. This was all new to Kalil. As he sang Christ-centred action songs, learned how to pray to Jesus, and listened to these Bible stories each day, the truth of the Gospel began to take hold of his heart.

Seeing his interest, the leader gave him a Bible, and Kalil began to read it whenever he had a chance.

Now, he found himself looking at the image of his family’s god at home differently. Kalil began to place his trust in Jesus, but knew that problems would arise when his parents found out.

Kalil’s faith in Jesus Christ continues to grow, despite his family’s beliefs. His most fervent prayer is for boldness to talk to his parents about Jesus.

Will you pray for Kalil’s parents to be open to the Gospel and ultimately receive Christ as their Saviour?