Fourteen-year-old Hanna lives in Armenia, where she shares a home with both her family and extended relatives. Hanna’s mother, the sole breadwinner in the household, does her best to care for an elderly father and an ailing husband, but often the family must go without.

HannaRather than a normal childhood, Hanna’s life was consumed by concerns of whether there would be enough food or if they would have access to medical care if someone got sick. Hanna longed for a reprieve from the worries of her home life.

Last year, Hanna was invited to attend summer camp at a local Evangelical church. She was excited by the prospect of playing games, socializing with friends, and having somewhere new and interesting to spend time. Hanna’s mother, though skeptical of the church, agreed to let her go, knowing that there would be food and fun things that she couldn’t always provide for her daughter.

The more immersed she became in the activities, the more her heart and mind were renewed. In God’s Word, Hanna discovered true peace and joy, despite the many challenges in her life. “Even after the camp ended, I wanted to participate in church ministries,” Hanna tells. “My life was changed, it became full of joy.”

Hanna came into relationship with Jesus Christ and became a follower of Him. She hopes and prays that the rest of her family will see the profound change in her life and seek Christ. “God always hears prayers,” she states. “I pray for my family, that they also can know God.”

I thank God for all those people who help me to have these wonderful lessons of the Bible,” she remarks. “God bless all of you!”