Today, there is great need for the Gospel in Myanmar where many are suffering from civil unrest, COVID-19, and persecution. Many are living without hope.

Myine though, has found a new freedom and hope. For him, the key was letting go of control and trusting God to be in charge of his life.

As a successful building contractor, Myine was used to being in total control. With a beautiful family as well, he knew he should have been happy, but he wasn’t. His life lacked purpose and meaning and Myine increasingly turned to alcohol and drugs.

Eventually, he was diagnosed with clinical depression, but Myine refused to accept the diagnosis. When nothing he tried improved his situation, finally he cried out, “God, I can’t go on like this! Just tell me what to do.” Immediately, the answer came: “Give it to me, son.” So he did and Myine felt the weight lift from him.

He joined a Bible study group in his village led by a local Burmese believer who was trained and sent out by Bible League Canada’s partners. There, Myine learned that God’s love was what he had been missing all along!

As more and more believers become local champions taking the Gospel into villages all across Myanmar, people like Myine are finding love and freedom in Christ. Lives and communities are being transformed, churches are growing and we believe that, in time, this nation will be changed!