Here is what 9-year-old Norayr tells us about the camp he was able to attend in June, because of your support…

“I want to tell you about the best days of my life, spent at the yard camp!

I asked my mother if I could go to the camp being organized in our town. The organizers said they had a nurse, so my mother allowed me to go.

Why is a nurse important?

Well, before my father left us two years ago, my parents were always quarrelling. He often beat my mother, and he would lock us in our room for hours at a time. The day he left, he was really angry, and he put my sister and I in the car and started driving. It was dark, and after what seemed like a long time, he suddenly stopped, ordered us out and drove off. There was no one around. Terrified, we walked in the dark all the way home. It took hours.

For days, I couldn’t stop trembling. When doctors examined me, they discovered diabetes and my sugars were too high. I needed a careful diet plus medication, and was taught how to inject myself.

Here at camp, leaders like Sister Emma were so loving and caring. The very first day, I made lots of friends. We learned the 10 Commandments, and most special to me, I learned how to pray for healing. I returned home with a great joy in my heart. The second day I felt so good I didn’t need to use the insulin all day long. Every morning I was the first one at camp. The last day, I did not want to leave my friends and leaders, but Sister Emma said she would visit us.

Now my little sister and I read Bible stories from our new Bible every day. We love the pictures. Sister Emma has already visited us. She will take us to church so we can learn more about God.

My mother smiled and said she is coming with us! She had not smiled for a long time.”