Testimony from Macedonia


This testimony comes to us from Macedonia…


My name is Adeline and I’m 10. I have been attending the Creative Bible Study Classes for a month visiting the Christian club in the town Kratovo.

I learned about them from a friend of mine, who shared with me of the excitement and encouragement she is receiving from visiting the club. She shares with me of the peace, forgiveness, calmness she received there as they study the Bible. At the beginning it was challenging for me to accept her invitation to visit since I live out of town in the nearest village. But because my friend insisted and encouraged me constantly to come with the words “you just come and the Lord will provide for extra money you need to cover transportation”. I decided to go and instead of buying a sandwich I am saving for travel and the visit of the club.

My first impression was touchable: there, people were so happy, they played games, treated each other with respect but when the time came for Bible reading and study the passion and zeal I saw in their hearts melted my heart. A sweet feeling of joy came into my entire body and I really admit that this Jesus they are talking about he is real. Since then I am attending and I like these classes a lot.

Even though I live in the village, it is not a problem for me to ride the bus and get to the classes. I want to know more about God and for what he does for us.

At the same time when I began to visit the club and be involved in Bible study my mother had a surgery, and during that time, I was constantly praying to God so that my mother would come home again and she did. I’m very thankful to God for listening to my prayer.
It is really worth it to make a little sacrifice and to receive a great gift. Thanks to the Lord for his mercy and thanks to my friend who witnessed to me and supported me constantly to make this step of faith and come to the club.

Please pray over the children’s ministry in Macedonia. Pray for all of the children like Adeline who are coming to know Christ and they also reach their families for the Lord.

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