Young men in Canada are becoming bold in their faith through your support.

“We had several teenage boys declare that they realized their need for a Saviour,” recounts Lorenda, a leader at a Bible camp in Saskatoon. “One was a boy that we wondered if we would have to send home earlier in the week, but as people prayed, his heart was made new.”

“What a privilege to see these young men repent and sincerely have hearts that were changed as they understood and accepted the Gospel for the first time,” says Lorenda. “One young man told me that he had been rejecting the Gospel his whole life but realized this week that he had been making a terrible mistake.”

Through your gifts and the work of the Holy Spirit, young men and women around Canada are learning to stand up for their faith in Christ.

“We saw brand new converts sharing the Gospel and testifying to their cabin mates because they could not keep silent of their newfound faith,” says Lorenda. “The speaker asked the ones who had decided during the week to live for Christ to stand up in the closing chapel. Immediately, and without hesitation at all, several young men stood boldly to their feet. What a precious sight as we witnessed the harvest.”