At just 10 years old, Biju felt hopeless.

Biju had no friends, because he hardly went to school. Most of the time, he just helped his parents with their farm work instead. Of course, his schoolwork suffered. He fell further and further behind. His parents didn’t understand the value of his education, so they didn’t encourage him or think to help him. Whether at school, at home, or in the fields, Biju found very little joy.

He rarely smiled.

Then, just when Biju needed it most, a Christian named Giyan started a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club nearby. Biju joined.

Giyan spent time tutoring Biju each day and soon he was able to understand his school subjects better. His reading and writing skills improved dramatically.

The club also offered many fun activities. After not having any friends, Biju finally had the opportunity to play with children his own age. He loved singing action songs, playing sports, and listening to Bible stories.

At home, Biju’s parents could see the change in his behaviour. They had never seen him so cheerful before!

Most importantly, Biju learned about Jesus at his Bible Club. Giyan taught him how to pray to Jesus. Biju began to depend on God and memorized several portions of Scripture. One day, Biju received Jesus as his Saviour.

Every aspect of Biju’s life has changed because of his Bible Club, which was only possible because of your support. He now thanks Jesus for everything, and prays for his family members. With his academic improvement, Biju has new ambition for his future. When asked about his goals, Biju joyfully replies, “I want to be a teacher!”

Thanks to your support, Biju now has a big smile that clearly shows the joy and hope he has in his heart through Christ!