In Honduras, a clear, renewed vision for church starting reenergizes Pastor Wilmer’s passion for accomplishing Jesus’ Great Commission.

It had been a struggle lately for Pastor Wilmer’s denomination to intentionally take up the vision of starting new churches that have the same DNA and can multiply themselves. So, it was back to the basics, working with Bible League Canada’s local partner. Wilmer smiles broadly as he exclaims, “Now we have a clear strategy that has come to wake us up so that we can start more churches!”

“Something special is happening here. The Holy Spirit is touching many of our pastors to answer the call. Even those who were not involved for several years have now caught this vision for starting new churches,” he says.

“1,500 churches in 10 years – that is our goal! And with our renewed vision, a defined strategy, and so many people working together for the glory of God, we believe that is achievable,” Wilmer says confidently.

“We have the challenge of reaching every corner of our country with the message of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to take this message of peace to our country, considered to be one of the most violent in Central America,” shares Wilmer. “We believe the Holy Spirit working through the church, can achieve it. We trust God will raise up servants for the glory of the Lord. God bless Honduras!”

Honduras has a homicide rate of 43 per 100,000 inhabitants — fourth highest in the world. These 2017 figures marked Honduras’ lowest homicide levels in a decade.