Amiir is a follower of Christ in a country where it’s dangerous to do so. In fact, Christians there have been killed for simply possessing a Bible.

We used to have limited Bibles in our fellowship,” he says. “When we finished the Bible study group, we used to hide our Bibles and leave them behind at fellowship house.” However, this practice meant that believers were unable to read the Scripture at home.

Amiir says, “We wanted to learn the Word of God deeply every day but the big question was, how could it happen?” With your help, Digital Bibles have solved this problem for Amiir and his fellow believers — and even made it possible to share God’s Word with others.

“We are no longer sharing a few Bibles. Everyone in our fellowship has a Bible in a digital form,” says Amiir. “I have it on my mobile phone now. I can read it any time anywhere without fear.”

Please pray for Amiir and for all Christians who do not have the freedom to openly worship and witness.