As we continue our global work, we are also aware of the need for gospel presence and awareness in the mission field right here in Canada.

The Canadian evangelical church is largely a white, middle-class and English-speaking movement. You may have heard fellow Christians mourning this reality. Sometimes these voices come from cynicism toward the church, but most often they are expressed with a heartfelt desire to see the church of Jesus better reflect the multicultural nation that we live in.

The promise of the book of Revelation in the Bible is that every nation, tribe and tongue will one day gather around the throne of God in unified and thunderous praise of our ONE King! Our hope and dream is that we can experience evidence of that future reality in the here and now!

A growing area of need for C2C, one of Bible League Canada’s ministry partners engaged in the work of starting new churches here in Canada, is the lack of a flourishing Christian community among Canada’s First Peoples. The 4% of the Canadian population identified as “First Peoples” is overwhelmingly a people who have been neglected at worst, by other parts of society.

There are, however, some localized congregations and outreaches where the gospel is having great effect among First Nations people. Several C2C churches are making inroads in these communities, and we would like to highlight here three church planting couples whose focus is specifically on reaching First Nations people with the good news of Jesus:

Derek and Tiffani Parenteau work on reserves near Parry Sound, Ontario, and lead a ministry called Rugged Tree.

Paul and Jodi Winter lead two First Nations congregations in Winnipeg, as well as facilitating outreaches on numerous reserves throughout Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

Jim and Jacqie Wisemen lead a ministry called Walls of Freedom in Winnipeg that has a primary focus on First Nations families.

Additionally, several new conversations have begun with churches that want to partner with First Nations reserves and with workers who are feeling called by God to reach out to Canada’s First Peoples.

Would you join us in praying earnestly for all that will be needed in this area of ministry?