In Chon Daen, Thailand, on September 6, 2020, an historic event took place: 1,435 people from over 200 villages, who heard about Jesus for the first time this year, were baptized! This followed two earlier events where 520, and then 640 people were baptized!

Outreach teams, newly trained to start new churches, went out to unreached villages and began with house church Bible studies. So far, they have started 700 churches in hundreds of villages, and their work is not done! And because of you, new believers are given their own Bible for continued discipleship and personal study.

Somjai was one of the people baptized in September. And praising God, she walked into the water on her own two feet.

Somjai’s Story

Somjai was living a simple life in her village in Thailand, until she began to experience health problems.

As days and weeks passed, she was in great pain and unable to function in her daily life. She visited many doctors, but none of them could help her.

When her money was gone, she sank into despair. “I could not walk or eat,” she says. “I had no hope and was waiting to die.”

Then, her friends introduced her to a Christian who came to their village. He sat with her and began explaining who Jesus is. He shared God’s Word and prayed with her. “I began that day without hope, but then someone told me about the hope I can know in Jesus,” Somjai says. “That day, I accepted Jesus as my Saviour.”

Some weeks later, Somjai gives all glory to Jesus for healing her and restoring her life. “I am so happy that someone came to tell me about Him,” she says. “Thank you, Jesus!”

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, you made a huge difference in Somjai’s life. Many others are waiting for someone to tell them about the hope found in Jesus!