Alba’s life was full of anger, resentment, and fear. But that was before Alba had a personal relationship with Jesus. Her childhood had been so unhappy: her father had abandoned them and she had severe health issues. She resented God for all of it.

In high school, Alba poked fun at her classmates who were Christian. But one of them saw beyond Alba’s hurtful words to her pain, and invited her to church. Although suspicious, Alba accepted the invitation.

“God used that opportunity to make me see things differently. I discovered how much He loved me, and how much I needed Him.” Alba shares. “My life changed — God filled every void. He is my Father and comforter, and now I understand He was always with me and is still with me. That motivates me to move forward.”

Alba’s joy spills over to others — everyone needs to hear about Jesus! “But I wanted to make sure I shared this vital message clearly. The training to start new churches has led me to take on new challenges: to listen, to understand, and recognize the needs of others.”

Alba leads a group of children, youth, and adults in a “digital community,” a local missions movement that began during the pandemic, to continue reaching out when in-person meetings were limited.

One member of her group testified, “Some people reject me because I am looking for God. But that doesn’t matter. I know Jesus now and He is transforming my life!”

Alba says with confidence, “Digital or in person, being a missionary to my own community has given me purpose and joy. I can clearly see that God’s plan for my life is to preach His Good News!”

Your support for Bibles and training for leaders like Alba, mean that more people will hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!