Last September, we introduced you to Pastor Nancy, a volunteer teacher in the Philippines through the Values Education Program, teaching kids about Jesus right in their classrooms.

In October, a review team met with Pastor Nancy, and she eagerly showed us the building where her group meets because they want to study the Bible and worship together in the evenings, after school.

A businesswoman loaned Pastor Nancy this building for her ministry work, because she sees the difference in the kids from the Values Classes. She said, “Use it for free, but you will need to fix it”.

Pastor Nancy and her students have been hard at work! The 20m x 5m space has been scrubbed clean, repainted, and the ceiling repaired. It is regularly packed with 50 or more young people, sometimes spilling out into the street, all eager to hear about and celebrate new life in Christ.

Many of them come from broken homes, but the joy on the faces of these students is evidence of lives made clean and whole by Jesus!

Pastor Nancy is most excited about the 17- and 18-year-olds she is discipling to take on leadership roles for the small groups. She asks for prayers for these young adults to be blessed with wisdom and understanding to lead the younger students. These small groups are key to building relationships that will help kids find the hope in Christ that is the answer to the frustration and anger many of them live with.

There is a need for more Bibles for Pastor Nancy’s group, and a greater need across the Philippines for many more Bibles, and to provide training for the volunteer teachers lined up to share the love of Christ through the National Values Education Program!