When Habrua first started serving his Muslim community in Africa, only one or two people would come forward to hear about Jesus.

But the Holy Spirit is moving, and over the past few years, more than 2,000 people have been baptized. “Resistance is common but the harvest is plenty,” says Habrua. “We are planting small house churches right now. Most people come from a rural area with no place to worship!”

As the ministry has grown, so has resistance and oppression. “We face persecution,” says Habrua. “They persecute people who believe in Jesus. They burn their houses. They take their children and wives. Some people are brutally beaten.”

In the midst of persecution, Habrua courageously continues to serve and the ministry is growing.

“Jesus touches their hearts,” he says. “They accept Jesus as their personal saviour. Today, many young people are baptized. They influence their families. After one or two weeks, they bring more than 100 people. My dream is to see the entire valley converted to Jesus, and that we plant house churches everywhere.”