Regaining a Sense of Worth


As Edha held her daughters, she was heartbroken and torn.

In a culture that holds boys in a higher regard than girls, it still came as a surprise when Edha’s husband began threatening and verbally abusing her.

Her offense: bearing daughters.

She and her husband’s situation worsened as he controlled her every move. Edha was only allowed to leave the house for work, and even then, forced to forfeit her wages earned to her husband. Gradually, her circumstances spiraled out of control and she lost her will to live.

The house was unkempt, her children went without, and eventually their family stopped going to church.
Edha’s life was in ruins.

It took a visit and the help of an Adult Literacy teacher to encourage Edha as she worked to regain her sense of self and worth again.

Once Edha enrolled in her literacy classes, she learned the world around her through the alphabet and words. She started reading books and began to pray every day. Edha found her strength by regaining control and direction in her life. Through practical lessons, she was empowered to read books for the first time, write complete sentences, and grow from the Gospel.

Edha’s husband noticed the change in his wife – transformation where trepidation once conquered. Her confidence and courage even helped to prompt a change in her husband’s behavior – this time, for the better. She was able to share the love of Jesus with her husband – his love for his daughters and the truth of their value triumphed over culture and tradition.

Together they decided to attend church as a family, daughters in tow. Today, they are committed to God and walking a new life in His light.