As a child, Ronald first experienced the love of Jesus Christ in a children’s ministry program, made possible through your support. Now, as an adult, Ronald has just completed his training to be a children’s ministry worker – again through your support!

“I was one of the two God chose from my community to attend the training. Many of the local pastors didn’t consider children’s ministry a key part of church life. But I know from my own life how important it is, and this training has helped me see again how vital it is to reach children,” Ronald says.

“I started working with the 40 children in my Sunday School class. Then I opened up a mid-week community Bible club, which quickly grew to over 75 children. This success attracted the attention of the pastors in neighbouring communities and they asked me to share this new method of engaging children!” he testifies. “Soon, I was leading a vision-casting session with 70 pastors in our region of Uganda.”

“I am so grateful that God’s call on my heart led me to attend the training program. I am finding my purpose as a children’s worker and servant of God. Now I feel equipped to fulfil my calling and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the children around me – perhaps I am teaching the next leaders!”

You provided Ronald with the training to reach children!