Indah and her family live in a closed country with a predominantly Muslim population. Christians and other religious minorities face increasing hostility and persecution from neighbours and local officials. Indah, who grew up as a Muslim, learned about Jesus through her friend, Susila.

Susila gave Indah a Bible. Indah read the Bible hungrily, but when her husband saw her reading it, he became enraged and beat her.

In spite of this, Indah continued to read her Bible in the middle of the night. One night, she was filled with so much joy that she began singing in worship. Her husband caught her. He told her that, according to Islamic law, he had the right to kill her. Indah’s husband picked up a knife and stabbed her!

Indah survived the attack. Her faith grew even stronger. She told her two teenage sons about Jesus and they also accepted Christ.

When her husband learned of this, he attacked them as well. They all fled to Susila’s house, where Susila and his wife helped them escape. Indah’s husband pressured Susila to find out where his family went and even hired a detective to follow them.

Despite these challenges, Susila — and now Indah, as well — have persevered in their ministry with the Lord’s help, and many more are coming to Christ.