Jorge, a farmer in Honduras, knows a thing or two about planting seeds — including the seeds of the Gospel. Through your support, he received training for starting new churches and, after much prayer and mentoring from his pastor, started a church in the community of San Jerónimo.

Jorge“At first they did not want to listen to us, so we shared the Gospel through events where we spoke the Word so that everyone could hear us,” Jorge remembers. First one family came into relationship with Christ, then another.

“I continued sharing God’s Word with the people of the community,” he says. “Little by little, they invited me into their homes so I could teach them more.”

The Holy Spirit began working in the community, and people began to see God transforming lives.

One woman finally released deep-seated bitterness and sorrow. Another man, Juan, came to a church service and, through treatment and prayer, was cured from cancer.

Juan is now an active member of the new church and accompanies Jorge to share the Gospel in the community and beyond.