The Philippines Values Education Program is a good news story that just goes on and on!

The volunteer teachers continue to attest to the remarkable changes they see in the kids in their classrooms. The principals of the schools they serve in are amazed by the results, and are eager to have the program return to their school again next year.

Made possible by your support, here is just one of the hundreds of testimonies from youth who have experienced a life transformed by Jesus Christ. Through the grace of God, your kingdom investment in the children of the Philippines has yielded results beyond expectations!

Hearing about the difference Values Education makes in the attitudes of the students, hundreds of schools across the Philippines are eager to have volunteer teachers come teach their children. The families of these students also see the difference… and they hear their children praying for their salvation!

I am Jamicah Guerrero, 17 years old, from Narvacan High School. My life was in darkness. I hated going to church. Sometimes I tried to ask God to provide what I wanted, but when He didn’t, I cursed Him. I felt so empty inside. But praise God, through a Values Education Class in our school, I encountered Jesus Christ. I have received Him as my personal Saviour. Now I understand God’s purpose in my life. He filled me with significance and my life changed from darkness to light. From lips filled with curses to a life filled with praises. It is my desire to learn more and it is my prayer that my family will be saved too. To God be the Glory!

As this program grows, so does the need for your support. This year, your support helped to fund the continued expansion of the Values Education Program, shining the light of Jesus into previously unreached areas. More children and families need to hear the one, true message of Jesus Christ! More volunteers need to be trained, and more Bibles are needed.