Pavi loved her dad but she didn’t like the way he lived.

Pavi’s dad, Sanjiv, was a violent man. He did whatever he wanted and spent all of his family’s money on alcohol.

The problems at home made it difficult for 12-year-old Pavi to succeed at school. Although she attended her grade seven classes regularly, she was going home to fighting, abuse and insecurity.

As devout Hindus, Pavi and her mother worshipped ancestral deities, pleading with them to transform Sanjiv. Even though Pavi worshipped these gods, she didn’t expect to find favour with them. She had never witnessed a miracle before.

One day, Pavi’s classmate invited her to join a local children’s Bible club. Immediately, Pavi was welcomed in to play games and sing songs. She even received help with her homework! During one gathering after school, Pavi’s Bible club leader spoke about Jesus’ promises. This was a completely fresh perspective on life.

Pavi decided to stop worshipping her deities and began to pray confidently to God. She confessed her sins and received Jesus Christ as her Saviour — and from that moment, her life was transformed. Pavi found that her prayers were being answered. She told her mother about Jesus, who then started attending the local worshipping group. Pavi’s mother was baptized, receiving Jesus as her Saviour too!

In faith, Pavi’s mom courageously told her pastor about her husband. The pastor visited the family and prayed for Sanjiv’s deliverance. His behaviour improved! People in the neighbourhood could even see a change — he was no longer violent!

Pavi is now praying for her father’s salvation and for him to find regular employment, which is difficult because of his history. The Holy Spirit has filled her with hope and she believes that God will help her family.

Your support of children’s ministry programs opened the door for Pavi to hear about Jesus in her community. Your gifts and prayers changed not only Pavi’s life, but her entire family’s.