Zachery was seeking inner peace and was confident he could find it himself. He read books on philosophy. He devoured self-help teachings in an attempt to make his life more meaningful.

“I was looking for some kind of rulebook that would help me live my life,” he acknowledges. But he never found what he was looking for. The more he tried to “save” himself, the more he felt that he was losing salvation.

During a trip to visit his family, Zachery and his wife hesitantly attended an evangelical church. “For the first time in my life, I heard God’s Word,” Zachery says. The couple began attending an evangelical church in their hometown and even joined a Bible study.

The more immersed he became in the Bible, the more Zachery understood that it was only through Christ, not good deeds or self-help ideas, that we are forgiven, redeemed and truly saved. Instead of a rulebook, Zachery finally found what truly gave him peace: A personal relationship with Jesus.

“Today, I am grateful for God’s love, mercy and blessings, which I don’t deserve,” says Zachary. “I can now surrender my worries and feel His joy because of His presence in my life.”