In Uganda, Nabunya is a master trainer for Children’s Ministry volunteer teachers.

Just over four months ago, he graduated a class of volunteers that is now leading Children’s Bible Clubs in the Rhino Refugee Camp in Uganda.

“I am truly blessed to have been part of the training. This session had different dynamics and settings that speak to the challenges faced by the pastors and volunteers in the Rhino Camp. Their situation is unique in comparison to the experiences in other parts of the country.”

There are thousands of youngsters in the Rhino Camp, yet volunteers were discouraged by the small numbers of children that would come to Sunday school programs offered by their churches. But after receiving the Children’s Ministry training, made possible through your support, the numbers these same volunteers reported were astounding!

In just four months, 8 Bible clubs were started with 3,214 children attending (and 1,856 new followers of Jesus recorded to date!) The Sunday school program is growing now because children at the club are encouraged to come to church. And they bring their families.

“I am humbled at how much this training impacted the trainees, and the children they minister to,” said Nabunya.

“It has become clear to me: I believe this is what we were supposed to do in the first place, before even thinking of starting the Sunday school program. The Bible Club has yielded more fruit in four months than two years of the Sunday school program. To God be the glory!”

Through one training class, God is reaching thousands of young hearts!