Caroline felt like she could never meet her family’s expectations. “They criticized me, telling me I would never achieve anything,” she says. “So, I reacted by cutting myself, going to parties, doing drugs, and making trouble with boys.”

“I decided to go to college in the city and leave my family and troubles behind. My plan was to pay for everything by working as a prostitute. And if things didn’t go the way I planned it, I could always end my life.”

Then, at college, Caroline met Simon, a local champion, working on campus, and he began talking to her about God. She recalls, “It was so fascinating to me. He started explaining how he met Jesus and became a Christian. Since meeting Simon, my life has taken a different path.”

Simon gave Caroline a Bible, and she started reading the Gospel. “I was reading the Bible and learning more about Jesus, praying and seeing God answer my prayers,” she shares, her eyes shining.

“I got baptized, and my parents actually came to my baptism. My mom and I finally started to develop a real relationship.”

Caroline began training to lead Bible studies, and her desire to share the Gospel and become a local champion grew as she learned ways to talk to people about Jesus. “I am so happy to meet and study God’s Word together with others,” Caroline notes. “It is a great joy for me to see what each person discovers in the Bible!”

One young woman transformed by God’s Word, is reaching out to show His love to many others!