When a typhoon makes landfall in Myanmar, people have few places to hide. Many of those who survive are left with absolutely nothing as the violent storm destroys homes and possessions.

Thiha survived a terrible typhoon in 2008, and the devastation changed his life.

Made homeless by the typhoon, Thiha was living with friends. One night as he slept, he had a strange dream. He was back in his old house. “Termites were eating everything in my house,” he shares. “They ate until only one item remained: my Bible.”

When he awoke, Thiha knew that God had many new plans for him. “Now, I study the Bible, preach the Gospel and pray over the sick,” he says. “I have seen God heal two blind men and three alcoholics.”

God has blessed Thiha with a new house, too. He has dedicated this house to the Lord’s work. He invites new believers to come in and hear God’s Word, and because of your support, will be able to give them their own copy of the Bible. Lives are being changed!

Very soon, the new believers Thiha is discipling will each have their own copy of the Bible, to grow in their faith, and share the Good news of Jesus Christ with others.

Your generous gift helped raise the funds to place over 50,000 Bibles with new believers! Praise the Lord!