Adriana suffered years of abuse from her husband. Eventually she could bear it no longer, and they divorced. At this dark time in her life, through a small support group she started to attend in a local church, Jesus found Adriana and she embraced Him as her Lord and Saviour.

“Jesus has been my hope in times of trouble,” she says.

Two years ago, Adriana was diagnosed with cancer and still today continues to fight for her health. But, through her new faith in Jesus, she has a living hope.

“Jesus has power to heal me and allow me to enjoy my children and grandchildren. But even if it is His will that I die, I know He will raise me up when He comes for His Church,” she shares.

Purchasing a Bible was not possible for Adriana. And she felt embarrassed to ask for one because everyone had already been so generous with her.

Then, thanks to your faithful support, Adriana was given a Bible!

Through daily reading and meditating on God’s Word, she strengthens her faith and has hope during this difficult season of her life. She testifies of His faithfulness to all who come to call.

“Every morning that I wake up, I have hope for life! This disease is terrible. It wears on me,” Adriana says. “But being in Christ, I have hope and encouragement to keep going. God is my strength and my refuge.”