Anna’s journey began at a Christian young adult camp, made possible thanks to you!

“Being with friends was more important to me than a relationship with my parents or living their boring life. My friends were trendy, and as a beautiful young woman, I wanted a sparkling life filled with fun! I loved trying alcohol and cigarettes with them. At a disco, I tried drugs. I liked the feeling of lightness they gave me.

One day, Misha, a neighbour my age, invited me to his church. I said no, but then he invited me to a Christian young adult camp. I was surprised and pleased — I accepted.

Camp was fun, but the Bible lessons felt long and boring. I was restless and didn’t want to talk about eternity and what God says. My ears may not have been listening, but my heart was. Something was touching my soul – sincerity, honesty and purity in relations, the things my parents always talked about — made more sense somehow.

On the last day of camp, I repented during a conversation with one of the leaders. I returned home with the desire to change my life, but in my own strength.

My strength was short-lived. Back came the old friends, drugs, alcohol and everything else. Then I started to feel ill, so I went to see a doctor, and he told me I needed an HIV test! As I anxiously awaited the results, I prayed.

God performed a miracle! The diagnosis was not HIV.

I went with Misha to camp again. There I started to read the Bible, every day. I discovered that God cares about my life. He gave His Son Jesus, to die for me. I turned away from all the idols in my life: alcohol, drugs and old friends. Now my life is filled with joy, purpose, purity, and sincere people.

I happily testify to the fact that God has transformed my life through the study of the Bible and fellowship with believers! I want to tell every young person how to change their lives. Please pray for me to be bold!”