When Wai Thet in Myanmar was 8 years old, his brother was so ill that the village physician gave up on him. “We thought he was dead,” Wai Thet shares. His mother pleaded with Buddha for her son’s life but nothing happened.

“That evening, a Christian worker visited us, prayed for my brother and gave some medicines. I was so impressed by his love and concern for my family,” Wai Thet recalls. “When he left, he said ‘Jesus is able to heal, and he will.’” The next day, Wai Thet’s brother got up early in the morning, totally healed! However, his grandparents claimed that it was their good deeds (karma) that caused his brother’s life to be restored, and they warned his family to avoid the Christian worker.

Later, when Wai Thet was 14, he was home alone and began to experience spiritual oppression. “It made me so miserable that the only thing I look forward to in life was sleeping,” Wai Thet says.

One day, it occurred to him that if Jesus raised his brother from death, couldn’t He also heal Wai Thet? “I began to pray in Jesus’ name all night long, and to my amazement, the oppression disappeared!” Wai Thet remarks. “I was completely astonished and incredibly relieved. There is power in the name of Jesus.”

A few months later, a Christian friend invited Wai Thet to his church. “I was amazed at how joyful and friendly the people were. I felt so loved by these people.” He was excited to find a church home. When a traveling evangelist clearly explained the Gospel, Wai Thet responded by following Jesus. Later, with the Lord’s help, Wai Thet overcame many obstacles and was baptized. “Having a personal relationship with God and the assurance of salvation brings true peace.”