Malati remembers the day she knew she had to learn how to read.

She’d gone to the bank to deposit 2,500 rupees — about $37 Canadian dollars — which was a large sum for her family. When she arrived, she asked a young man to help her fill out the deposit form. The man gladly agreed to help, but took advantage of Malati — he filled out the form with his own account information, depositing her money into his account! When Malati returned to the bank days later, after realizing what had happened, there was nothing that could be done about the thief.

54-year-old Malati knew that she would never have been taken advantage of if she could read. She became determined then to learn how to read.

Malati heard about an adult literacy class taking place in her village and signed up for it right away! She developed a friendship with her teacher, Sunitha, who showed her kindness and helped her. Sunitha even visited the bank with Malati to teach her how to
fill out the banking forms herself. Malati was thrilled with her new-found independence.

Malati often visited Sunitha’s home to spend time with her. During one visit, a group of worshippers were gathered there, and invited Malati to stay. Hearing Sunitha share about the Gospel moved Malati deeply, and before long she received Jesus as her Saviour! Sunitha even gave Malati a Bible of her own as a gift.

Malati treasures the Bible, and spends time reading it regularly! She prays daily for her family’s salvation. Her faith continues to grow — and this all began from a local adult literacy class. Through God’s grace, you made this possible!