Manuel and his wife are part of the Amazonian Shipibo people group in Peru. He has received training to start new churches that you make possible through your support.

Manuel travelled 8 days by riverboat to get to the training area. “I thank God because He has called me to connect with people and start new churches. I am eager to be equipped and prepared through this training,” he says.

He is starting one new church in Libertad with the Yine people. “We are praying that the Lord will help us to continue taking the Living Word of God to more people, making more new disciples,” Manuel says.

This area of the Amazon and its people are well-known to Manuel because he used to work as a teacher. He shares that this previous experience has been helpful for the work of starting new churches as it has given him insight on how to connect with the people. He is committed to training people in the community to continue the work when he starts more churches as God leads.

Manuel requests your prayers for continued guidance for the new churches he is starting, and for his family, as three of his five adult children do not follow Jesus. “I am praying that they will become part of one of these new churches, and build a relationship with Jesus.”

You bring the Living Word of God to the Amazon.