“Before I believed in Jesus Christ, I did a lot of bad things,” shares Makara, a 34-year-old from Kampot province in Cambodia. Makara admits that she had issues with a bad temper, gossiping, jealousy and quarreling with others. She says she was a selfish woman who didn’t trust anyone. Makara lived a sad, unhappy life with no hope.

When Makara got sick, she always sought help from a traditional healer, but nothing helped. She did exactly what the priest told her to do to be healed. But still her health remained the same.

One day, a church planter came to the village and shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with Makara. She heard the message, but she didn’t become a follower of Jesus because she didn’t understand who he was.

Several months later, the church planter came back and met with Makara again. He went through a couple of Scripture-based Bible study booklets with her and she began to learn about Jesus. Makara noticed that the Christians in her village were different — they had a good attitude and genuinely loved others.

Eventually, when she understood the Gospel message clearly, Makara placed her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord. Since then, she testifies:

“I am free from sins because now I give my life to God to lead me. My whole life is changed. I began to have a good attitude towards my family and society.”

Makara adds that she has stopped doing the bad things she used to do, and now she also has love for others.

Makara thanks God for His grace in forgetting her sins and letting her know Him. Now, she walks joyful with the God who came to save her!