My name is Hovik, 21 years old. My family lives in the Ararat region of Armenia. I am the youngest in the family, always loved and perhaps a little bit spoiled.

In winter, my brother had to light the fire in the stove each morning, and I had to make sure the wood supply never ran out. Around the stove, my mother would lead our family in prayer, whether we wanted to or not—and I did not. God didn’t matter much to me.

I joined the army after graduation because in late September 2020, war broke out in Artsakh.

At the front line, we were in an open field. Suddenly, we were bombed, as if fire was falling from the sky. My legs trembled, I knelt on the ground. In that moment, my mind flooded with images of the woodstove and the fire in our house, my family gathered around, and my mother’s prayers. I cried out, “Lord, save me!”

I learned later that when I shouted, “Lord, save me!” the men saw a ring around me, and they felt compelled to touch that ring. God saved us, all of us. That day, I cried out to the Lord for forgiveness.

When I returned home from the war, I told my mother about the miracle of that day, about the Lord’s mercy. She says she never stopped praying for me.

Today, I am in a Bible study group and they gave me a Bible—the greatest gift of my life. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour!

You provided the Living Word of God – the greatest gift.